Elizabeth Martin


Principal Forensic Polygraph Examiner / Forensic Psychophysiologist

Elizabeth Martin is a certified Forensic Psychophysiologist and a Principal Polygraph Examiner with over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement in the United States of America. Upon her retirement from the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryland, USA, she started the Advanced Polygraph Corporation (USA) which served all of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware in the United States of America. The company became international with the formation of the Advanced Polygraph Group in Australia in 2009 and the the Advanced Services Group Pty Ltd in 2013 having moved permanently to Australia.

During her law enforcement career, Elizabeth broke new ground and was appointed the first female police officer to join the K-9 Unit as well as the Police Special Operations Section, where she participated in many high risk operations. Elizabeth was later awarded the Maryland State Citation for exemplary service and was twice awarded Police Officer of the year. Her policing experience also includes training and working in the Vice Unit and District Detectives Unit as a Detective Investigator.

In 1996, Elizabeth commenced comprehensive training in the specialty of Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) which is the obtaining of information and detecting deception by analysing words, both written and spoken, used by witnesses and persons in general. This training enabled her to work as one of only five Police Officers in the field of Statement Analysis. She went on to advanced training and became certified in Detection of Deception through written and verbal statements. Coupling this with her graduation from the Reid School for Interview and Interrogation and her completion of all advanced courses in interrogation she became certified as a court expert in Scientific Content Analysis. Over her extensive career, Elizabeth has worked with the United States Secret Service, the National Security Agency and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies. After her retirement from the Police Department, Elizabeth attended the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice for forensic polygraph training. She went on to complete advanced polygraph training courses consisting of interviewing and interrogation and Post Convicted Sex Offender Testing training, which utilises polygraph testing in the treatment and maintenance of pre and post convicted sexual offenders released into the community.

Elizabeth is currently a member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, British and European Polygraph Association, President of the Forensic Polygraph Association of Australia, and a member of the National Fraternal Order of Police in the United States.

Elizabeth has appeared extensively in the media including appearances on channel nine and ten as well as the ABC Radio and numerous other talk-back radio programs in Australia. TV credits include Murder Uncovered with Michael Usher, Bride and Prejudice, The Morning Show with Kylie and Larry and The Daily Edition. She is a highly experienced speaker and presenter having presented to numerous universities, police, government and private agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. She is a qualified trainer holding a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and provides training in numerous methodologies.

Elizabeth is the Managing Director of Advanced Polygraph Services and a Principal Polygraph Examiner for Advanced Polygraph Services. She provides her expert services to the private, public, government and corporate sector organisations worldwide.

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