Martin Taylor


Principal Forensic Polygraph Examiner / Forensic Psychophysiologist

Martin Taylor is a highly dynamic professional with a diverse work history. He is the first Barrister and Solicitor in Australia to graduate as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner and is the most academically qualified polygraph examiner in Australasia.

As a qualified Principal Forensic Polygraph Examiner (Forensic Psychophysiologist) Martin has worked with, trained and/or examined polygraph testing formats and/or behavioural analysis interviewing techniques used by a number of State and Federal Police Agencies in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America (USA) and England. He has completed advanced polygraph training in interviewing post-convicted sexual offender testing which uses polygraph testing to treat and surveil convicted sexual offenders and paedophiles released into the community.

Martin combines his academic knowledge, skills and experiences as a Forensic Principal Polygraph Examiner, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and of the High Court of Australia, a Senior Investigator with more than 24 years experience in law enforcement, a member of the Australian Defence Force and academia to specialise in computerised polygraph and truth verification testing and analysis throughout Australia and New Zealand.

He recently retired after nine years with the Department of Justice Victoria as the Chairman of a quasi judicial administrative appeals tribunal presiding at the William Cooper Justice Centre in Melbourne after receiving a Statutory Appointment by the Governor In Council of Victoria. 

Martin is the immediate past National President of the Forensic Polygraph Association of Australia, and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society, the American Polygraph Association, and the British and European Polygraph Association.

One of only a small number of people in Australia qualified as a Level Four Investigative Interviewing Interview Advisor, a Level Three Investigative Interviewing Specialist Adult Suspect Interviewer and a Level Three Investigative Interviewing Specialist Adult Witness Interviewer. Martin is a highly recognised specialist in investigative interviewing. Further, Martin is extremely competent and highly experienced in the field of behavioural analysis and detecting deception from verbal and nonverbal (body language) communication.

Martin graduated from the Royal Military College of Australia (Duntroon) and is currently a Major in the Royal Australian Army (Reserve). In addition, Martin has also completed specialist training with the Australian Federal Police, the Queensland Police, the New Zealand Police, the National Police College in England and the Victoria Police including the Victoria Police Detective Training School. He has also graduated from ten separate universities and colleges throughout the world including Melbourne University, Monash University, Australian National University, Latrobe University, RMIT University, and Swinburne University and the Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice in the United States of America.

Martin has co-authored and published a number of specialist textbooks and articles and has throughout his employment history been awarded nine commendations, highly commended commendations and/or citations.

Martin has appeared extensively in the media, including appearances on channel nine and ten, radio talk back and newspapers and magazines. He is a highly experienced key note speaker and lecturer having presented to numerous universities, police, and government and private agencies through out Australia.

Martin provides his expert services to the private, public, government and corporate sector organisations worldwide.

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