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Other truth verification services offered by Advanced Polygraph Services

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Advanced Polygraph Certified Forensic Polygraph Examiners are highly qualified, skilled and sought after by individuals and organisations to determine the truthfulness of almost any situation in question. Other professional services offered by Advanced Polygraph Services include:

Advice in contract negotiations to detect deception; and

Forensic polygraph and lie detection technical advise for the film and the television industry.

Detecting deception in any private, public or legal circumstance by using the following methods:

Behavioural analysis


Verbal and Nonverbal clustering of behaviours

Neuro-linguistic programming eye accessing clues

Linguistic and paralinguistic clues


Cognitive interviewing

Kinesic interviewing

The Reid technique of interviewing and interrogation

Investigation, research and development

Public speaking and presentations

Training and education

Advice and supply of polygraph and lie detection investigation services and equipment, and

Advanced polygraph examiners have presented to various police departments in Australia and the USA, customs, defence, government agencies, and universities.


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