Sex Offender Testing

Pre and Post Convicted Sex Offender Testing

Post conviction sex offender testing (PCSOT) has become increasingly incorporated into sex offender treatment and supervision in both the United States and United
Kingdom. It has been reported that nearly 80% of community adult sex offender programs in the US and over half of residential ones make use of polygraph testing
to inform treatment or supervision, while in the UK mandatory testing of high risk sex
offenders on parole was introduced in 2014 after a number of trials. Its spread to other countries is likely, with a number of jurisdictions actively considering its use.

Advanced Polygraph is leading the way to incorporate sex offender testing in Australia and offers this services now in both the private and public sector.

Post conviction sex offender testing requires specially trained and highly skilled polygraph examiners and all of the forensic polygraph examiners at Advanced Polygraph are qualified and experienced in this testing format.

If you have a concern in your life around this issue, get in touch with one of our examiners for a free confidential consultation.